About Remedy Maryland - Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Guiding your holistic wellness journey since 1974.

Wellness is a life-long physical and mental journey. To help you on that journey, our patient-centered approach to care ensures you get the best experience and the best natural medicine every time you visit.

A Legacy of Wellness

Our founder, Robert M. Duggan, established the first acupuncture and alternative medicine school in Columbia, Maryland, when acupuncture was legal in only two states nationwide. Because of his work (and the work of others like him), today, acupuncture and herbal medicine are widely accepted and recognized in North America (and beyond).

Cannabis today is much like acupuncture was when Bob Duggan crisscrossed the globe to bring understanding and legitimacy to natural healing. Unfortunately, cannabis is a stigmatized plant, despite its growing acceptance and legality, but, like our founder, we believe knowledge is healing, so we’re committed to providing education and exceptional products so you can realize the genuine benefits of this natural medicine. 

Knowledge is Power; Education is the Key

And we pass this lesson on to our staff through ongoing education and training. Our friendly, passionate, and professional team members are here for one reason: to provide expert teaching and guidance so you can choose the best cannabis products for you.

With Remedy, You’re in the Hands of Experienced Healers

We’re locally owned and operated, and we have been since the day we opened our doors. We’re professionals, students, artists, parents, musicians, cultural influencers, and active community members, and we understand you.

We’re proud of our roots in this vibrant community, and we want to give back with natural medicine and scientific breakthroughs. Remedy delivers safe, garden-fresh natural medicine with care and kindness.

All Cannabis is Medicinal - Even Recreational

We firmly believe there’s a medicinal benefit even if you choose to consume cannabis recreationally. After all, aren’t relaxation, better sleep, and enjoyment part of mental (and physical) health? We sure think so.

Remedy’s Mission

We’re on a mission to give Maryland’s registered Medical Cannabis patients a curated selection of the highest quality, most effective and clean products available today. And we do it all in a safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment; that’s why we’re Maryland’s leading cannabis dispensary.