Budders, Badders, Sugars, Oh My!

An exploration of the cannabis concentrates you’re likely to find in a Columbia, MD dispensary. 

Concentrates isolate the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis to give consumers (like you) the plant’s full benefits. They come in various types and textures, which is why concentrates are often overwhelming to new cannabis consumers. 

So, which cannabis concentrate is suitable for you? Of course, it’s a personal choice, but this blog covering five common concentrate styles you’ll find in a Maryland dispensary will help you make a decision. It’ll also help you tell the difference between each style!

Keep reading to learn more about the five most common concentrates you’ll find in a Maryland medical cannabis dispensary!


Budder vs. Badder

People sometimes use budder and badder interchangeably, but they’re not the same! Both are typically made with solvents and extracted through similar processes. But, budders have a smooth, creamy consistency, similar to a stick of butter, and badders are known for their frosting-like texture, similar to cake batter. In addition, Badder can sometimes resemble a sauce because of its occasional liquid consistency.


Sugar concentrates are typically created through chemical extraction, like BHO (Butane Hash Oil). Sugar can be made from dried or freshly frozen cannabis (used to create live resin sugars). It gets its name from its wet, sugar-like, almost crystalline consistency. Because it has a semi-crystalline texture, sugars tend to lock in more flavor from the plant and have high terpene profiles.

Shatter example


Shatter is unique from the rest because it has a hard, glass-like consistency. When you break it apart, it cracks and shatters – hence its name. It’s also unique because Shatter is one of the few concentrates you can sprinkle on flower and roll into a joint. Shatter maintains its consistency because the molecules are left undisturbed during processing.


As the name suggests, crumble is a dry concentrate that has a powdery consistency and crumbles easily. This is probably the driest concentrate option on the market. The Crumble extraction process is similar to shatter, using solvents like Butane or C02, but it has to be set to a lower heat for a more extended period.

 Like shatter, you can combine crumble with flower, making it more versatile than other concentrates. When it’s time to make your purchase, you should know that Crumble can be a little harder to handle than other forms of concentrates because it breaks apart so easily. Still, it’s typically very potent and remarkable for its versatility.

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