Cannabis Microdosing Basics: Everything Maryland’s Consumers Need to Know

Microdosing is a consumption method involving taking smaller doses of cannabis for less psychoactive effects.

Cannabis Microdosing: It’s the little things that heal.

For some, exploring the world of cannabis can seem daunting. Either you are worried about potentially negative experiences, or you’ve actually had a negative experience in the past with overindulgence. 

Too much cannabis, colorfully known as “greening out,” can be anxiety-inducing, physically and emotionally overwhelming, or can generally just scare people away from trying cannabis ever again. This is all totally understandable, as overdoing it with weed is definitely not recommended. But, there must still be a way to enjoy all the physical benefits of cannabis without getting blazed and couch-locked beyond belief. 

This is where microdosing serves up a cool, clean hit. 

What Is Microdosing?

Microdosing is a practice that’s been in use by medical marijuana subjects for many years. It’s the practice of determining which strain works best for you and at what quantity or dose. As there is no official, standardized dosing guide, microdosing on your own is crucial to finding the ideal consumption plan to best suit your needs. 

And this method works for recreational consumers and those who are explicitly sampling cannabis to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and energetic states. Luckily, there’s a standard mantra for microdosing, and it goes like this: “Start low and go slow.”

Starting Low

When practicing microdosing, you should start with a low dose first. Hence, the “micro” in microdosing. Depending on your manner of consumption, there are different ways to “start low.” For example, start with one or two short draws on your joint, vape, or bong when smoking buds. When consuming edibles like chocolate, gummies, or cookies, chisel out a smaller portion—2.5mg instead of 10mg, for example.

Starting with a low dose isn’t only for those trying to figure out a microdosing regimen. It also helps when trying to measure your tolerance when sampling a new strain. Monitoring your high from a basepoint perspective gives you a window into your body’s reaction and how the strain makes you feel. 

Going Slow

This half of the mantra is all about taking your time. If you take a small dose and then decide to kick it into high gear with another dose, hit pause and wait a little longer. Rushing the process may cause you to overdo it way too early, thereby defeating the purpose of microdosing. And as we all know, overdoing it can lead to a serious bummer of a time.

Part of microdosing is about understanding how much pot you need to achieve the high you want. And that means taking the time to discover, incrementally, how much is just right. 

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Resetting Your System: How To Start Microdosing

Low doses of cannabis don’t create the intense psychoactive experience most associated with “getting high,” but there’s enough of an effect to spark positive changes to your mental and physical states. In fact, most people actually consume more cannabis than their body requires—and as we all know, an overabundance of cannabis in your system can lead to those pesky negative effects, such as a lack of motivation, fatigue, or an overall foggy feeling. 

But what leads to someone overindulging in cannabis? Mainly, it’s all about tolerance. The more marijuana you consume, the higher your tolerance gets. This means you’ll need to intake more and more cannabis to feel the desired effects you’re looking for. Microdosing can help you dial into your ideal dose—helping you find that sweet spot before going over the edge into the unknown. 

Microdosing can actually turn back the clock and help you recapture the euphoria of your first high. So along with the “start low, go slow” mantra, here are some quick tips to help you start microdosing:

Find The Right Strain

Simply put, some strains are more potent than others, with different levels of THC and CBD. Knowing the levels of the different compounds in a particular strain can help you experience the full entourage effect, where several different compounds work together to achieve an effect that would be impossible for them to achieve on their own.

Experiment With Different Consumption Methods

When talking about consumption methods, no two highs are the same. Switching to a different means of cannabis consumption can go a long way in resetting your system. If you typically smoke marijuana, opt instead for an edible experience. Conversely, if you’re all over the edibles, fire up a joint or take a pull from a vape pen. 

Observe Your Body’s Reaction

Make this a true experiment and observe your mental and physical reactions. Following the “start low, go slow” mantra is particularly important here because it lets you keep a keen eye on how you feel at each step of the microdosing process. Take one pull or ingest a small portion, and wait to see what the effects are like. You might notice some subtle shifts in your physical or emotional state that can inform your ultimate dosage.


Microdosing opens the door to all the benefits of the cannabis lifestyle without the flame-broiled adverse effects that turn some people away from the possibilities. 

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