Remedy Columbia Dispensary: Virtual Cannabis Consultations

Complimentary One-On-One Consultations With Our In-House Experts

Cannabis can confuse new consumers or people making their grand return to the plant after a lengthy hiatus. That’s why we offer virtual one-on-one consultations with our tenured Patient Advisors to all licensed Maryland Medical Cannabis Patients.

When you book an appointment with a Remedy Patient Advisor, you gain access to a team of experts to answer all your questions.

Patient Advisor Consultation Benefits

You’ll get expert product recommendations from Maryland’s most experienced Patient Advisors.

Our Patient Advisors are excellent listeners. You can discuss your needs, and they’ll happily provide the education you need to make an informed purchase.

Have burning cannabis-related questions? We have all the answers. 

Are you confused by terms like terpenes, cannabinoids, dabs, and kush? Then, we’re here for you.

*Please note: Our Patient Advisors are not medical professionals. Therefore, they cannot provide medical advice, and you should not consider the information discussed in your consultation as medical advice.