Potent Pain-Relief: Exercising While High

Exercising While High

While cannabis is commonly associated with a lack of energy and lethargic attitude, more cannabis consumers than ever before are exercising while high. As a potent reliever of pain, many exercise enthusiasts actually find that cannabis can help to dull some of the discomfort associated with the typical workout regimen, making it easier to exercise for longer periods of time. For those considering employing cannabis in their next exercise routine, here’s everything you need to know. 

Health Benefits of Exercising While High

First, it should be noted that exercising with cannabis may not be the right choice for everyone. Individuals should be aware of their limitations when exercising with cannabis use, taking care not to engage in activity that could be dangerous while experiencing a cannabis high. 

However, for those who wish to experiment with using cannabis before light exercise, the results may be surprising. The euphoria brought on by cannabis use may, contrary to popular belief, actually assist in prompting individuals to work out more often.

One of the major barriers to exercise that many people face is lack of motivation. For some, though, the addition of cannabis to a daily exercise routine can turn this task from a chore into a fun and engaging event.

Likewise, it’s well known that cannabis is helpful in reducing inflammation. While cannabis may not necessarily work to restore damaged tissue, working out while high can potentially make working out easier and reduce the pain associated with strenuous physical activity. 

Exercising While High: Best Practices

Exercising While High

As mentioned previously, exercising while high can be dangerous under certain circumstances. Cannabis use can temporarily impair motor functionality and result in mind-warping cerebral highs, which means that using heavy exercise equipment is not recommended. When exercising while high, it can be helpful to have a companion present to ensure the total safety of any workouts attempted.

Those with certain medical conditions may also find that exercising with cannabis can exacerbate their symptoms and potentially pose a health risk. Consulting a doctor before starting a new workout regimen to make sure you can safely incorporate different exercises into your routine.

Tips and Tricks for Exercising While High

Exercising While High

When exercising while high, the variety of strain employed can be important. For example, indica strains are typically known for their heavy sedative qualities and deep, embracing body highs. While indicas may be ideal for unwinding after a workout, sativa strains are often considered the go-to form of cannabis for exercise enthusiasts

Sativas are renowned for their uplifting mental effects capable of generating a positive mood in any who encounter them. Some sativa strains may be more energetic than others, but the overall reputation of sativas places them firmly in the category of cannabis for exercise.

High-CBD strains may be worth exploring as well. CBD, an abbreviation of cannabidiol, is the chemical within cannabis that is often attributed to its pain-relieving properties. Cannabis consumers who appreciate the psychoactive qualities of cannabis might not be interested in CBD, but for those in search of a substantial reduction in pain, certain CBD-rich strains could be the best option.

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