How Does CBD Make you Feel?

You’ve probably heard about Charlotte. She’s the little girl from Colorado who has Dravet’s Syndrome and went from suffering hundreds of seizures per week to just one when her parents tried treating her with cannabidiol (CBD). Since her success, the popularity of this cannabinoid has skyrocketed. But how does CBD make you feel? 

Perhaps you tried cannabis once upon a time and had a miserable and paranoid experience, and though you could use some relief…it just doesn’t feel worth it to try it again. Well, I’ve got good news. Even though it still comes from cannabis, CBD will not get you high. 

Cannabinoids: The Key to Canna-healing

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is located throughout our bodies, and its job is to create homeostasis between all the other systems. Our bodies make endocannabinoids, which fit right into the ECS like a lock and key. However, cannabinoids from the cannabis plant also fit into these receptors – and sometimes they can be an even better fit. 

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CBD May Be a Powerful Healer

CBD, like other cannabinoids, works with various parts of the ECS, so it is reputed to have a wide variety of medicinal effects. It’s important to understand that CBD’s effects are not some kind of “miracle cure,” they’re simply the body engaging the ECS to create balance within its various systems. 

How Does CBD Make you Feel?

If you’re taking pure CBD, it will not get you high. Its effects are different for different people, but they are often described with words and phrases like: calming, clear-headed, and improved mood. Though some users and patients do say that it makes them sleepy, many others say it helps them sleep when they lie down, but that they don’t notice a sleepy feeling beforehand.

How Does CBD Make You Feel 2

Like other non-psychoactive cannabinoids, CBD is more something that you notice when you don’t take it. Since it can treat symptoms without having many side effects, the return of symptoms is more noticeable than how the CBD makes you feel in the minutes and hours after taking it. In addition to possible drowsiness, other potential side effects are dry mouth, low blood pressure, and lightheadedness.

How to Get Started

It seems like you can find CBD products just about everywhere now. But not all CBD products are of the same caliber. While hemp-derived CBD products can be sold legally across the U.S., cannabis-derived CBD products cannot. This means that many people don’t have the benefit of purchasing safe, lab-tested CBD products from a reputable dispensary. 

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If you’re interested in trying CBD for yourself, keep in mind that hemp-derived CBD is not currently held to any standard by any governing agency, from the FDA on down. On the other hand, cannabis-derived CBD, whether in edibles, oils, or vape cartridges, are held to the same standard as other cannabis products.

You can find lab-tested, high-CBD products at your favorite Columbia dispensary. Stop by or order online now.