Even Happier Holidays: Cannabis Gifts for Winter

Cannabis Gifts for Winter

The holidays are coming up, which means the time of shopping for gifts is upon us. While it’s not possible to gift cannabis itself, if you have a patient in your life, you may want to help them on their health journey with one of these cannabis gifts. (Or, you know, treat yo’ self.)

Luxury Grinders

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While most experienced cannabis consumers are in possession of a grinder, the holidays provide a great opportunity for an upgrade. There are a wide variety of luxury cannabis grinders available for purchase online or at local dispensaries, offering the ability to grind in style with unique designs and features.

Some luxury cannabis grinders are simply beautifully crafted, but there are also manufacturers that aim to substantially improve the standard grinder experience. Between kief compartments and the ability to fine-tune the quality of your grind, any frequent or infrequent smoker will appreciate this addition to their collection! 

You can also make grinding even easier with a King Kut Electric Grinder

Cannabis Journal

cannabis gifts journal

Finding your ideal dose and products takes a bit of trial and error. Everyone’s body is different and how we process cannabis differs. A cannabis journal is a great way for a new patient to start tracking their intake. They can note the products they’ve tried, what doses they took, when they took them, and how they felt. It can also be helpful to note other things like exercise and diet info because they can impact how our bodies deal with cannabis.

We feel a cannabis journal can be really helpful for keeping this valuable medical info. 

Pipes & Bongs

cannabis gifts bong

If you know someone who loves flowers, why not gift them with a cool pipe or bong that fits their personality? 

Many glassblowers and ceramicists have turned the act of making a smokable object into art. With beautiful hand-blown pipes and bongs, every hit is a treat.

You can take this cannabis gift idea in a variety of directions. If you know a patient who loves a particular character, for example, there’s sure to pipe or bong with them depicted on it. Just want to share something beautiful or classic? We carry an assortment of amazing glassware that fits the bill. (Please note, you must have an MMCC card to enter the building.)

Dab rigs also make a great cannabis gift! 


There are some excellent vaporizers on the market. Whether you want to use one for vaping dry herb or to puff on some potent concentrates, you can find the perfect product at Remedy Columbia.

From artisan vaporizers like Magic Flight to the easy-to-use Pulsar, there’s an amazing variety of vaporizers that fit in well with a cannabis patient’s lifestyle. For a “wow” gift, take a look at the Arizer Extreme

Other Cannabis Gifts

If you can’t go to a dispensary to find something special because you don’t have an MMCC card, you can still support your favorite cannabis patient in their wellness journey! There are a variety of amazing cannabis cookbooks that can help inspire your loved ones, as well as DVDs from hilarious movies and shows that center around cannabis use.