Sean Paul Reps Remedy Columbia in Video

Many of you have reached out to share an exciting glimpse of Remedy Columbia in the wild.

In a Live Lounge Allstars video from the BBC that premiered on April 23, 2020, Sean Paul, the popular Jamaican rapper, can be seen #repping Remedy.

The performance features a variety of musical artists covering the Foo Fighters “Times Like These” from their homes, including Dave Grohl himself, Dua Lipa, Chris Martin, Bastille, the aforementioned Sean Paul from his Jamaican rooftop, and more.

Sean is a great friend of Remedy, and we tremendously appreciate his support. Not only is it awesome that Sean Paul wore a Remedy Columbia shirt, the cover brings chills, and the money raised by the single (which is climbing the UK charts) will go to the BBC Children In Need and the Comic Relief Fund to help those affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Check out the awesome performance below. (You can see Sean around the 2:45 mark!)