How to Make a Soothing Cannabis Tea

In the era of recreational legalization, there are more methods of cannabis intake available to consumers than ever before. Dispensary shelves are lined with all varieties of concentrates, edibles, cartridges and other cannabis products. However, sometimes a more simple remedy is desired to satisfy the need for cannabis-based comfort.

While cannabis tea has been made for centuries, the increased potency of modern cannabis has made them a viable option for even experienced consumers. Cannabis-infused tea will always be less potent than most cannabis alternatives, but learning how to craft a proper batch can be a rewarding, soothing endeavor.

What You’ll Need for Cannabis Tea

The ingredients to create cannabis tea are fairly simple in comparison to the production of other edible products. Cannabis-infused tea is produced in essentially the same manner as any kind of tea, but the typical mixture in a tea bag will be supplemented with some cannabis-based material. Make sure to have flower, some loose leaf or bagged tea, and your favorite add-ins like milk, honey, or sugar.

Cannabis Tea flower in a jar

In making cannabis tea, the most challenging aspect is properly “activating” the cannabis plant. The psychoactive component within cannabis, THC, acquires its potency through a process referred to as “decarboxylation”, which requires superheating the cannabis to a certain temperature. This process is the reason why edible products are so often more potent than their smokable counterparts. Therefore, before making cannabis tea, decarboxylating your herb is recommended to enhance the power of your beverage, though not necessarily required for those with a lower tolerance for THC.

Making Cannabis Tea

Cannabis tea can be approached in a variety of different ways. The important thing to keep in mind is that the infusion of cannabis can be applied to blends of tea from chai to chamomile, so any recipe is versatile and can be mixed and matched in a range of ways.

Cannabis Tea

To make any kind of cannabis tea, the first step is to grind your cannabis into a fine, but not too fine, substance. This ground cannabis should then be added to an infuser, along with the blend of tea itself. This mixture is then soaked in steaming-hot water for around 8 minutes. Once the mixture has been thoroughly steeped, your cannabis tea is ready to enjoy.

The Benefits of Cannabis Tea

Though cannabis tea may not aspire to the potency of alternative methods of consuming cannabis, the overall effects of cannabis tea can produce feelings of intense relaxation amid a significant body high. Those who suffer from anxiety may soon experience their nerves dissolving entirely within an hour of drinking a quality cannabis tea.

drinking Cannabis Tea

Cannabis tea can also be considered a discrete method of cannabis consumption if the proper steps are taken to conceal their beverage. Make your batch of tea in the morning and a thermos will keep it warm throughout the day, allowing you to obtain a steady, light buzz throughout your daily routine. This also alludes to the true advantage of cannabis tea: its lack of potency. Most cannabis users are searching for less potent methods of ingesting cannabis, so cannabis tea works perfectly for those seeking a mild brew.

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