Spotlight on Remedy Vendors: Curio Wellness Medicated Chews

With the recent changes to Maryland’s cannabis laws, cannabis-infused edibles are about to become all the rage. We’re incredibly excited to offer these powerful, easy-to-use and—last but certainly not least—delicious medications to you. We’re going to focus on an exciting new vendor we’re working with here at Remedy: Curio Wellness. But first, let’s explain a little bit about how cannabis edibles work.

Cannabis Edibles: The Basics

Cannabis edibles offer several advantages over traditional methods of administration, such as smoking or vaping cannabis flower or extract, or taking cannabis-infused tinctures. Because they’re made under strict controls and safeguards, edibles deliver very precise doses of cannabinoids, typically in small and easy-to-control increments. What’s more, unlike smoking or vaping in particular, taking cannabis via edibles is discreet, attracting as much attention as would popping a zingy mint in your mouth.

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That said, there are important differences. When consuming cannabis-infused edibles, our bodies metabolize the medicine through the liver. This means that the cannabis in edibles will typically take a much longer time to take effect than it does with smoking or vaping. We recommend you allow at least 60 minutes for the effects of edibles to become apparent.

Depending on your recent food intake and other factors, it may take as long as two hours for the full effects to manifest, so be sure to wait a proper amount of time before trying a second dose. You may also find that—compared with other methods of taking cannabis medicine—the effects are a little more noticeable.

Curio Wellness: Medicated Chews in Fun, Appealing Flavors

We’re excited to work with Curio Wellness for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most important is their focus on pure medicine, appealing flavors, and all-natural ingredients. In other words, it’s a whole lot like the cannabis medicine we supply here at Remedy Columbia!

Curio Wellness’ Medicated Chews come in a variety of fun flavors, including Lemon Honey, Mango Ginger, and Blood Orange Turmeric. Made from natural flavors and colors, they’re delicious and made from natural pectin rather than gelatin (which means they’re vegan as well).

Source: Curio Wellness

The Medicated Chews are available in several different formulations depending upon your desired result. Need a bit more of the pain-blunting effects of THC? Try Mango Ginger in the 25mg dose. Concerned about the potential distraction of THC psychoactivity? Try Lemon Honey in a 10:1 CBD-to-THC ratio.

Confused? Just refer to Curio Wellness’ handy dosing chart for a graphic representation of the effects of their Medicated Chews!   

We aim to keep Curio Wellness’ products in stock, but it’s a good idea to browse our live menu before heading down to the dispensary, as sometimes products sell out more quickly than we can restock them. We’re confident that once you try these convenient, great-tasting and handy little chews, you’ll be wanting more of them as well!