Healthy Infused Recipes to Spruce Up Your Diet

infused recipe pancakes

Infused recipes are a great way to experiment with cannabis consumption methods. Smoking or vaping just isn’t for everyone. By cooking with cannabis, you can create amazing infused recipes that help you get your dosage in without inhaling.

Cannabis-Infused Oatmeal Pancakes


It has often been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there is no better way to lift one’s spirits in the morning than with a lightly infused recipe. To transform your average oatmeal pancakes into a potent edible creation, this recipe simply calls for a few drops of cannabis tincture to be added into the batter.

Once you’ve mixed together your oatmeal, banana, egg, and cannabis oil or tincture, making cannabis pancakes is as easy as pouring your batter into a hot skillet. You can adjust the amount of cannabis you add to match your desired effects, employing one or two drops for a light buzz or more depending on your typical dosage.

Salted Coconut Cannabis Caramels

Not all edibles have to be extravagant. These salted coconut cannabis caramels are ideal for easy consumption, delivering a powerful dose of cannabis in the form of a delightful sweet. While dispensaries now carry edible candies of all varieties, there is a distinct satisfaction to be found in crafting your own. 

When making cannabis coconut caramels, the most important ingredient will be, besides cannabis, your coconut oil. For the best possible edibles, high-quality coconut oil is recommended, as the consistency and flavor of your caramels will be largely dependent on the coconut oil employed. 

Cannabis Coffee

infused recipe coffee
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Cannabis coffee makes for a relatively simple infused recipe. Similar to the process for pancake batter, adding cannabis to coffee only requires mixing in a small amount of infused oil. Infused honey is also an acceptable additive according to the list of ingredients included as part of the recipe. 

While THC is not water-soluble and thus often finds its potency reduced when added to liquids, the benefits of cannabis coffee can still be apparent. A light cannabis buzz can result in a breezy, happy state of mind that lasts for almost the entire day. (Not a coffee drinker? Check out our infused tea recipe.)

No-Bake Almond Butter Canna-Cookies

infused recipe cookies
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Throughout the history of cannabis, two baked goods have typically been the most commonly infused edibles: cookies and brownies. Over time, however, many new twists have been made to the classic “chocolate chip cookie” edible format.

These almond butter canna-cookies are rich, scrumptious, and don’t even require the use of an oven. Like the other infused recipes featured in this list, cannabis oil is the only ingredient needed to make these edibles.

Additionally, you can also add a drop of your favorite tincture to a beverage or even a salad dressing to help make it easier to ingest. Keep in mind that when you ingest THC, it can take longer to feel the effects. Start slow and wait before taking another dose to avoid feeling too high.

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