How to Enjoy Your Super Bowl

It’s almost Superbowl Sunday, and what better way to watch than with your packed bowl in front of you? Be on the lookout for the big bowl giveaway! This Sunday, Remedy is giving away bowls with every purchase. Never smoked out of a bowl, you say? Well, here’s what you need to know.

Supplies for Smoking from a Bowl

smoking from a bowl pipe

Other than the bowl itself, you will need a few simple supplies to get started. 

First, ensure that the bowl you are using has a round basin deep enough to put your cannabis inside of as well as a carb to regulate airflow. Spoons are the simplest type of bowl and are great for beginners! 

Once you have your bowl picked out, you will need a heat source. The most standard is a lighter, however, you can opt for something healthier such as hemp wick, which is a piece of hemp string that is easily ignitable and won’t leave any aftertaste. 

Next, you may want to invest in some screens, which will keep you from inhaling any burning pieces of cannabis. Once you’ve gotten all of your supplies, grab your cannabis and get ready to bowl down! 

How to Pack & Smoke Your Bowl 

smoking from a bowl grinder

  • Grind Your Cannabis: It is always best to grind your cannabis before packing your bowl. The most consistent is to use a grinder and loosely grind the cannabis. However, you can also use your fingers if you do not have a grinder handy. You want your cannabis to be loosely ground, being careful not to over-do it. 
  • Place the Ground Weed in Your Bowl: When filling your bowl, put your screen at the very bottom to ensure no burning flower can get through. You want to pack it lightly at the bottom and more densely at the top to ensure a nice, even smoke. This way, the cannabis at the top maintains an even burn while the bottom opens up airflow for easy inhalation.
  • Light Your Cannabis & Enjoy!: You are ready to smoke your bowl! Simply take your lighter or another heat source to the cannabis and enjoy! 

smoking from a bowl side view

Get Started Smoking from a Bowl at Remedy!

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