3 Safe and Effective Dosing Guidelines You Can Trust

Phone rings…

“Thank you for calling Remedy. How can I help you?”

“Hi, I just got my certification, and this is all new to me. I haven’t used marijuana in years. How do I know what to buy, what to use, and how to take it?”

Believe it or not, for some newcomers, re-entries, or “keeping it on the low” patients, there is sometimes an assumption that there are label instructions for dosing.

But what would the label say? “Take two hits until all the pain goes away” or “Take 1 chew three times a day until you’re happy and giggly?”

Unfortunately, there are no instructions for such dosing on labels. But why not?

Well, cannabis is not a one size fits all therapy, which is why dosing can be tricky when using medical cannabis as an alternative therapy.

Our endocannabinoid system (ECS) is this marvelous system of receptors that regulates many aspects of our well-being, and our bodies and ECS differ. Part of what the ECS regulates is your tolerance, which means that dialing in your dosage is a personal thing.

Holistic health care provider Dr. Bobbie Goldstein suggests the following basic guidelines for dosing.

Cannabis Dosing Tips by Consumption Method

Dosing 1

Flower or Vaporization (mostly cartridges)

  • Relief in 5-10 min
  • Duration 2-3 hours

For low tolerances, the recommendation is to stay in the 14-17% THC range. Take 2-3 inhalations (aka hits) and take enjoyment in a slow exhale.

Dosing 2

Edibles and Microdosing

  • Relief in 60-90 mins
  • Duration 4- 8 hours

Read closely on this one, seriously.

Even if you’re accustomed to using flower, consider yourself a rookie when it comes to infused edibles. They can land a right hook that comes from nowhere! To avoid this, one must microdose to remain functional.

When you microdose, you have to START LOW AND GO SLOW.

A good starting point with edibles is 2.5-5 mg THC. Increase in small increments until you achieve the maximum benefits.

Edibles are potent because of the way they’re metabolized in our bloodstream. The recommendation is to wait at least 60-75 min before increasing doses because if you don’t, you’ll find yourself in an “I told you so” pickle and running for the CBD.  More on that later.

Dosing 3


  • Relief in 40-60 min.
  • Duration 4-8 hours

This is a favorite for many who are not fans of flower and/or vapes.

Tinctures are oil-based infused cannabis that come in droppers. Start with 0.5 to 1mg and place under the tongue (sublingual) as this method increases activation and absorption into the bloodstream.

Dosing with CBD

Dosing 4

Lastly the beloved CBD. So many benefits and what’s really awesome…. it can manage the overconsumption of THC!

Yes, if you find yourself too high, grab some CBD, (100-200 mg), go relax, and you’ll regain your wits in due time. In this green space, CBD is the new aspirin. Always have some in your medicine cabinet.

Cannabis is a personal healing journey. Empower yourself and give yourself permission to medicate naturally and cultivate trust between you and this amazing plant.

Striving towards wellbeing requires trusting yourself and trusting the process. Remedy is here to provide the products and support to suit your needs. If you need additional guidance, we encourage you to take advantage of a free virtual or phone consultation with one of our senior patient educators.