The Best Medicine for Insomnia

Insomnia is something that a lot of us can relate to. It can be super frustrating when you’re tired and unable to get the rest that you need. This can lead to problems during the day such as irritability, exhaustion, and inability to focus. Cannabis is a great option for those suffering from insomnia as certain strains have sedative properties that can assist with sleep. 

Cannabis for Insomnia: CBN  

A little secret people may not think about when treating insomnia is a cannabinoid called Cannabinol (CBN). CBN is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid with sedative properties that can help aid with sleep. The combination of THC and CBN creates the strongest effect when looking for insomnia relief. CBN is derived from aged cannabis, so the longer your cannabis flower sits, the more CBN it will contain as time goes on. Alternatively, you can find products featuring cannabis for insomnia like some of the following!

Incredibles Gummy SnoozeBerry 5:1 

Snoozeberry cannabis for insomnia

These delicious berry-flavored gummies from GTI are great for those who struggle with Insomnia. Each gummy contains 10mg of THC and 2mg of CBN, with ten gummies in each pack. The combination of THC and CBN will not only aid with sleep, but also provide some pain relief and calming effects as well. These gummies are made with pure THC distillate, which ensures that each gummy is accurately and evenly dosed

Feel Dreamy 1:1 Tincture

Tinctures combine herbal extracts and infused oils to create the desired effects you are looking for. The Feel Collection created a Feel Dreamy Tincture that includes 50mg of CBN and 50mg of THC in each bottle. It also contains chamomile and spearmint to support digestion and contribute more calming effects. The great thing about tinctures is that you can add them to any food or drink or consume it sublingually (directly under the tongue). Not only this, but they are also sugar-free and gluten-free! 

WYLD CBD+CBN Elderberry Gummies 

cannabis for insomnia

RMD Hemp Co. has a new brand of gummies in town! This THC-free product is great for anyone who suffers from insomnia, but especially those who don’t have a medical card yet or simply don’t want the psychoactive effects! Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD and 5mg of CBN, combining to create a relaxing, sedating effect. The great thing about WYLD CBD is that they infuse their gummies with real fruit, so all of the excellent health benefits of the elderberry are still contained in each gummy! 

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