4 Great Ways to Relax with Cannabis This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and what better way for our canna-moms to treat themselves than with some infused self-care? The great thing about medical cannabis is there are a variety of different products available, so you can mix and match to find the perfect assortment of cannabis products to meet your Mother’s Day wants! Here are three great ways for you to relax with cannabis this Mother’s Day! 

Infused Chocolate-Covered Strawberries 

A great way to treat yourself this Mother’s Day is with some delicious infused chocolate-covered strawberries! The easiest way to infuse this dessert is by using Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). Simply put the desired amount into the chocolate as you are melting it down and just like that, you have a delicious infused chocolate coating to dip your strawberries in. You can also opt to make some homemade cannabutter or oil with one of our LEVO machines and add it to your favorite dessert! Check out some great chocolate-covered strawberry recipes here

cbd bath bomb for mother's day

CBD Chakra Bath Bombs for Mother’s Day

Remedy offers relaxing bath bombs infused with CBD that are specific to each chakra. Whether you want to balance your solar plexus, root, or throat chakra, we have something for you! The best thing about these bath bombs is that they are a hemp/CBD product, so you don’t need a medical card to purchase (that means this can go on your wish list for your family to buy for you)! Simply drop one of these bath bombs in your hot bath and enjoy! 

Grassroots Muscle Oil 

Being a mom is no easy task and it takes a physical toll as well. Treat yourself to some muscle oil this Mother’s Day to help relieve any tension you may be feeling in your muscles.  We offer two muscle oil options, both with a combination of CBD and THC, to provide the best pain relief. Simply rub this oil directly on muscles, specifically ones that tend to be tense. You can also use this as a massage oil and get a loved one to pamper you with an infused oil massage! 

RSO Honey Sticks 

Turn your Mother’s Day breakfast up a notch with some RSO honey sticks! Whether you want to add them to your cup of hot tea/joe or put it on top of your breakfast pastry, this is a great way to unwind and relax this Mother’s Day. Our honey sticks come in 20mg and 50mg packages and we now have new flavor options! Enjoy our honey sticks in strawberry in orange flavors to really add that extra touch to your meal! 

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