FAQ: How to Troubleshoot Your Vape Cartridge

We know how much our patients love to use cartridges (also known as vape pens) as a discreet, portable way to consume their medical cannabis. However, just like any product, vape cartridges require care and maintenance to keep them in the best condition. If you are having trouble using your cartridge, here are some troubleshooting tips and tricks to solve common cartridge problems. 

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Types of Cartridges

Before we go into our troubleshooting tips, it’s important to know the different types of vape cartridges you can use. The type of cartridge that you purchase impacts the types of common issues that can come with it. The two main types of vape cartridges are:

  • Disposable: A disposable vape pen has an attached battery rather than a separate battery and attachable cartridge. Disposables typically come in .3-.5 gram quantities. Most disposable vapes do not recharge, lasting 75-120 hits depending on the draw. Some quick tips to note for disposable pens: 
    • Keep the pen out of the cold, which can make it harder for the oil to vaporize. 
    • Take slower, longer drags, which can help clear any blockages or clogs within the pen.  
  • Reusable: Standard cartridges can be attached to most 5:10 thread batteries, which are typically rechargeable and refillable. With a standard vape cartridge, you can try a variety of different types of brands and strains, switching them out as you please. Some thicker oil cartridges benefit from a push-button battery, while others are simply pull-to-draw. 

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Tips & Tricks to Troubleshoot a Vape Cartridge

Things to try first…

  • Before trying any troubleshooting methods, simply make sure that your battery is screwed on (but not overtightened, as this can stop your cartridge from working properly as well) all the way and fully charged.
  • Your cartridge may just need to be primed. You can do this by gently blowing into your cartridge without it being attached to the battery or while pressing a button battery for added effectiveness. 

If those tricks aren’t effective…

  • One of the most common reasons for a cartridge to stop pulling is due to the oil being too thick. This may cause the holes in the cartridge to become clogged and make it hard to pull. In the event that this happens, first, check if your cartridge is glass or plastic. If it’s plastic, you want to apply indirect heat to the cartridge (i.e a hairdryer or rubbing between your hands), warming the oil in your cartridge to make it thinner. If it’s glass, you can use a lighter to apply direct heat to the cartridge for only a few seconds at a time until the oil is thin enough to get a nice pull. 
  • If your cartridge isn’t working at all, it may be because the contact (the piece where the cartridge and battery meets to allow the vape pen to work) from the battery and cartridge aren’t connecting properly. This can happen with used batteries that have been removed and replaced on cartridges multiple times. Try slightly pulling the contact piece up with a small tool until it is even and level. 
  • With time, your battery contact piece may become clogged with debris, simply due to wear and tear with consistent use. If you find that your vape cartridge isn’t working, you may just need to clean out the contact area inside of your battery. You can do this easily with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Clean the area thoroughly, allow it to dry, and then attempt to use your vape cartridge again. 

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