Cannabis Capsules And Other Discreet Dosing Options

Sometimes the stars just don’t align to provide you with the privacy to consume cannabis. Thankfully, there are several discreet dosing options that will let you consume cannabis discreetly and privately. From cannabis capsules to transdermal patches, check out these discreet dosing options that can help you to enjoy cannabis without alerting anyone else. 

Edibles And Cannabis Capsules

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Edibles and capsules are some of the most popular discreet dosing options on the market. Edibles are a great way to snack on some cannabis without raising too much suspicion. However, be aware that some edibles can still smell when you open the package and handle them. As such, edibles are certainly discreet but perhaps not as much as some of the other options on this list. 

Cannabis capsules are very similar to edibles. They’ll produce the same kind of heavy, long-lasting buzz, but are even more discreet than edibles. Cannabis capsules are typically odorless and flavorless, making them harder to detect. Capsules are even easier to consume. No chewing involved! Just swallow a capsule with some water and wait for the effect to kick in!

Tinctures And Oral Sprays

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Tinctures and other sublingual dosing options are the next best thing when it comes to discretion.

Tinctures are typically applied sublingually where they can be absorbed by membranes under the tongue and inside the cheeks. This allows them to reach the bloodstream quickly and begin producing effects within minutes. To apply a tincture, simply load up the dropper and squirt the contents under your tongue.

Tinctures can also be swallowed to produce effects more similar to those of an edible. However, be aware that the bioavailability of cannabinoids will be lower due to the first-pass effect. As such, if you are looking to maximize your buzz in a discreet fashion, sublingual application may be a better option. 

Oral sprays are similar to tinctures but utilize a slightly different delivery method. If you don’t have the privacy to use a dropper than a quick spray may be just what you need.

Transdermal Patches

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Transdermal patches are an excellent discreet dosing option for consumers of medicinal marijuana. While a transdermal patch will never deliver enough THC at once to get you ‘high’, it can deliver a steady dose of cannabinoids to provide long-lasting relief. Cannabinoids are time-released slowly in order to provide a steady dose over the course of a day. Some transdermal patches can last for up to 12 hours.

Simply peel a patch and apply it to your body. Some popular spots to apply transdermal patches include the arm, upper chest, lower abdomen, and hip. Just remember to clean your skin well before application to ensure maximum absorption.

Discreet Vape Pens

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Vaping is much more discreet than smoking. While it isn’t quite as discreet as some of the other options on this list, some vapes can allow you to vape quickly and discreetly without arousing too much suspicion. 

Vape pens are a great way to vape quickly and discreetly. They can be quickly disassembled into two pieces for easy carrying and storage. Simply attach the cartridge to the battery and vape away!