How To Come Down From A High

Sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Even cannabis! Have you ever been so high that you wished you weren’t so high anymore? Ever wondered how to come down from a high? No problem, it can happen to even the most experienced cannabis connoisseur! Check out these 5 tips to help you come down from a high next time you’ve smoked a little too much. 

How To Come Down From A High: Try Some CBD

Studies show that CBD may have serious potential as an anti-anxiety compound, making it perfect for when you’ve ingested too much THC. Not only that, but CBD has been shown to counter many of the psychoactive (read: anxiety-inducing) effects of THC. A dose of CBD will immediately begin to work towards balancing your buzz and dampening any sensations of anxiety or paranoia. CBD won’t instantly kill your buzz, but it will make it dissipate more quickly. 

How to Come Down From a High 1

Eat Some Food And Drink Some Water

Who doesn’t love to eat when they’re high? Eating a good meal will not only engage your senses but will also completely distract you from your anxiety and paranoia. If you really want to distract yourself with food, go cook something. Just remember to turn the oven off! 

Staying well-hydrated can also help keep you grounded and comfortable. Consuming cannabis will quickly dehydrate you leading to dry mouth and dry eyes. Keeping some cold water on hand will quench that thirst and keep you feeling refreshed. Just remember to stay away from alcoholic beverages as they will only enhance and intensify your buzz.

How to Come Down From a High 2


Sometimes simply taking a time out can be enough to get your mind back to a safe and comfortable place. Lie down on your bed or on your favorite sofa and close your eyes for a while. A quiet, safe, comfortable space can help you to quickly decompress and get back to a pleasant state of mind. 

Distract Yourself

If you are feeling overwhelmed, a good strategy is to distract yourself so you are no longer thinking about it. Watch some tv, take a shower, grab something to eat, or even just step outside for a few minutes. Thinking about something else or simply moving into a new environment can work well to calm you down and shift your focus towards something more positive. 

Get Some Exercise

Exercise is the ultimate distraction for when you get too high. Go for a run or even just a nice leisurely walk. Usually, the combination of fresh air and an elevated heart rate will get your mind to a better place. 

How to Come Down From a High 3

Take A Nap

One of the best ways to wait out an unpleasant high is to simply take a nice refreshing nap. Going to sleep will let your brain rest and work its way through the high while you sleep peacefully. Cannabis simply has to run its course, and sometimes a nap is the best way to let it do that. 

If that doesn’t work then try some caffeine. A jolt of energy may be just what you need to pull you out of that ‘couchlock’ effect that some strains of cannabis are notorious for. 

How to Come Down From a High 4

Most importantly, don’t panic. Try some of these strategies next time you’re wondering how to come down from a high. Most symptoms of being too high will dissipate within an hour or two at most. Look at the bright side, at least now you know your limit!