Vendor Spotlight: Cresco – Consistently Amazing Cannabis!

For this vendor spotlight, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the outstanding products being distributed by Cresco Cannabis. A sub-brand of Cresco Labs, a company dedicated to revolutionizing cannabis, Cresco Cannabis features a mind-blowing product line of top-shelf flower, mouthwatering concentrates, and potent medicinal products.

Consistently High-Quality Cannabis

Cresco Labs are committed to a professional cannabis experience that earns customer’s trust and keeps them coming back. Their lineup features a wide array of products for a wide array of consumers. Whether you’re looking for top-shelf flower, prerolls, cartridges, shatter, or live resin, Cresco’s got you covered!

Consistency is the name of the game for Cresco. This is a brand that is dedicated to creating products and delivering experiences that you can count on each and every time. Cresco’s multi-state facilities are powered by world-class cannabis connoisseurs, expert growers, and top-of-the-line growing equipment. From seed-to-sale, Cresco and its partners are committed to quality, purity, and consistency.

Cresco Cannabis is well on its way to becoming one of the best-recognized brands in the entire country. They currently operate 18 growing facilities in 11 different states while owning and operating 21 dispensaries of their own across the country! Moreover, Cresco products are sold in over 700 dispensaries across the nation. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Cresco has become one of the most important cannabis brands in the USA!

Additionally, Cresco is committed to growing the cannabis industry through its Social Equity And Social Development (SEED) program. The SEED program consists of actionable approaches and impactful programs designed to support the cannabis industry by raising nationwide awareness of marijuana’s benefits and by inspiring job growth and opportunity in the industry.

Our Favorite Cresco Products

Cresco Cannabis produces some amazing and unique cannabis products. Here are 3 of our favorite Cresco products that you can find in our shop right now!

Cresco Renew RSO

Cresco’s Renew RSO is Cresco’s signature Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). Unlike their Painkiller XL 1:1 RSO, the Renew RSO contains only THC (no CBD), but rest assured that it packs a mean punch! RSO can be applied sublingually, applied topically, or ingested orally (swallowed) in order to produce effects. Careful with this one, a little tends to go a really long way!

Cresco Cough OG Live Resin Cartridge

Cresco’s Cough OG is a cross between powerhouse strains Strawberry Cough and OG Kush. Featuring sour notes of pine and diesel, Cough OG is a delight for the senses. Cresco’s vape cartridges are crafted from premium fresh-frozen flower and feature high-terpene, full-spectrum cannabis oil that overwhelms with its potency, aroma, and flavor.

Cresco Painkiller XL 1:1 RSO

Cresco’s Painkiller XL 1:1 RSO is a unique take on Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) that has excellent medicinal potential. Most RSO products feature only THC, however, this oil has been infused with a 1:1 ratio of both THC and CBD. This blend will give you the best of both worlds, allowing THC and CBD to work together in synergy in order to provide comprehensive relief.

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