On a Roll: Best Practices for How to Roll a Joint

Before, there was one way to enjoy cannabis—to smoke it. You could put it in a pipe, stuff your bong, or roll a joint. Now it feels like there are countless ways you can access the benefits of the cannabis plant. At the same time, sometimes the simple joy of rolling a joint is the most desirable solution for dosing. Here’s what you should keep in mind to master the age-old art of how to roll a joint.

What to Know Before Rolling a Joint

While rolling joints is considered an honored pastime within the community of cannabis consumers at large, there are many recent innovations that have transformed the practice. The most notable of these innovations is the widespread popularity of flavored rolling papers which allow you to better customize the taste of your joint. Banana kush bud with strawberry rolling papers? Sounds like a win to us.

How to Roll a Joint 1

In addition to a massive selection of flavors now available, rolling papers can also come in various sizes. Large rolling papers are ideal for robust blunts that are intended to be passed around with friends or other groups of cannabis enthusiasts, whereas smaller rolling papers may be suited for individual joints that can compliment a night by yourself. 

Finally, some rolling paper brands are known to be of higher quality than others. Test out a few so you can find the ideal ones for your needs.

The Proper Method for How to Roll a Joint

Joint rolling requires practice before mastering, but it can become an exceedingly satisfying endeavor. The first step in any joint-rolling session is to grind your flower into a fine form. You don’t need to grind the cannabis into a powder, but it should be fine enough to smoothly fill out your joint. 

How to Roll a Joint 2

Once you have your cannabis, carefully set a filter at one end of the joint. This filter will end up forming the base of your joint. Next, distribute your cannabis throughout the rolling paper, taking care that you pack the joint evenly. Uneven joints can result in poor airflow and pockets that can create a messy, lopsided burn.

Finally, hold each end of your joint with the tips of your fingers and begin to roll it, folding one end of the paper into the other. When your joint has been cinched up properly, simply seal it with one lick across the top. Leaving some breathing room at the end of your joint is recommended to produce the smoothest possible smoking experience.

Tips and Tricks for How to Roll a Joint

When rolling joints, it’s important to keep in mind that there are many time-honored methods that may work for different individuals. Experimenting with the exact style that works for you can be a lucrative experience, as the best joint rollers are able to work in their own unique rhythm. 

How to Roll a Joint 3

Likewise, joint rolling has a long history as a virtual art form within the world of cannabis. There are numerous creative style of rolling a joint that have been described in detail on the Internet and other sources of marijuana knowledge, providing ample opportunities for impressing attendees at your next cannabis get-together.

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