Pet CBD: Best Budz Casting Call

CBD offers a wide range of benefits for humans including anxiety relief, pain relief, neuroprotective properties, and more. However, did you know that CBD can also be beneficial for your furry friends? Remedy offers pet CBD options to help treat symptoms that your pet may have. To help promote our pet CBD products, we are shooting a commercial and are looking for the cutest pet to be featured! Read below to find out more about our pet CBD options as well as our upcoming Best Budz casting call

pet cbd cbdistellery

Full Spectrum Pet Tincture – CBDistillery 

This high-potency, full-spectrum tincture is great for your pets. Just like humans, animals also have an endocannabinoid system, so CBD binds to their receptors and creates several benefits similar to that of humans. Made from cold-pressed hemp seed oil and CO2 hemp extract, this 600mg pet tincture is great for treating symptoms in pets such as anxiety, pain, chronic inflammation, arthritis, seizures, nausea, and cancer-related symptoms. Dosing guidelines are based on the size of your furry friend and are listed on the box for easy use. 

Full-Spectrum Calming Pet Tincture – Lazarus Naturals 

Similar to the pet tincture listed above, this tincture by Lazarus Naturals is also a 600mg CBD tincture. However, this specific tincture is specifically designed to have a calming effect on your pets. In addition, it also has a tasty salmon flavor, which is especially good for cats, as they are carnivores and enjoy those flavors more. Made with wild salmon oil, pollock oil, CBD, and full-spectrum hemp extract, this blend makes for the perfect calming tincture for your furry friend! 

pet cbd phyto dog treats

CBD Dog Treats – Carolina Hemp/PhytoFamily 

Here at Remedy, we have a variety of delicious CBD-infused dog treats for your pup to enjoy! Carolina Hemp Provisions created low-dose CBD treats that any dog will love. These treats are great to give to your buddy throughout the day to treat any symptoms that they may have. These treats are available in a cheddar cheese flavor, but there is also a gluten/grain-free option for our more sensitive puppies! 

Phyto Family provides higher dose options with their delicious peanut butter & pumpkin flavored CBD-infused dog treats. Pumpkin adds fiber to your dog’s diet which aids digestion, while the peanut butter (as all dog lovers know) is a flavor that dogs simply can’t resist. Available in both 2.5mg and 5mg options, these treats are better for more severe symptoms that your dog may have. Not only are these treats all-natural, but they are also gluten and soy-free!  

pet cbd lala pet treats

Lala’s Hemp Treats 

Just like the CBD-infused treats listed above, Lala’s hemp treats provide great flavor with simultaneous relief symptoms associated with common health problems that dogs may have. The difference with these treats is that the CBD is extracted from the cannabis seeds rather than the flowers, stems, and leaves of the plant itself. Hemp-seeds create a dark, thick oil that is loaded with nutrients, while using the full plant creates an oil that contains more of the plant-compounds such as terpenes and other cannabinoids. Both methods work in creating amazing CBD products. Lala’s Hemp Treats are available in a yummy peanut butter flavor! 

Make Your Furry Friend a SuperStar! 

To highlight our amazing CBD pet products, we are putting together a CBD commercial and we want your pets to be the stars! 

The winner will not only be featured in our CBD commercial, but they will also receive a customized pet hemp bundle worth $150

Here’s how to enter: